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ESL teacher materials

Save time. Teach well.

Engage your language students with this collection of ESL teacher materials. These time-savers work great in any setting: classrooms, Zoom breakout rooms, and flipped learning activities.

  • Caution: No fluff here. These classroom-tested lessons build language skills and sustain student interest.

With 240 pages of pair work ideas, word games, logic puzzles, trivia, smart writing exercises, and more, you’re sure to find an activity for almost any classroom setting. Formatted for easy printing and classroom projectors, you’ve got no-prep/low-prep lessons ready to go.

“I just print off the different materials and take them to class, I use these books in all of my classes and I’ve had nothing but great feedback from my students.”  Josh, South Korea


ESL teacher materials

You get 240 pages of ideas, activities and ready to print material:

  1. 36 activities for different objectives. (89 pages)
  2. 160 logic puzzles and word games. (54 pages)
  3. 480 trivia questions for high beginners and up and written for ESL students. (96 pages)

Customer Feedback

Classroom resources for ESL teachers

Real comments from real teachers:

“I love your resources. My students loved the trivia I used while I was in Brazil. As I look for more ESL teaching opportunities, I will continue to use your activities and books! Please keep making these amazing resources!!”  Michelle, USA

“I used logic puzzles and word games for high school students to motivate them before reading difficult articles or let them take a break after exams. My students loved and enjoyed the games. Also, the worksheets helped them to learn new concepts and words easily such as compound words or homophones. I recommend this e-book to every teacher for interesting classroom activities.”  Lee-young, South Korea

“Fun stuff. Looks great. I will recommend your resources. Thanks.”  Anita, Canada

“Very engaged practicing our speaking skills using ESL Trivia Challenge 2 THANKS for great resource!”  Sue, USA

“Thanks for the resource pack. I have used some of the activities and the boys find them entertaining and they are learning simultaneously.”  Johan, Saudi Arabia

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“Just bought it. Great book!”  Maria, Brazil

“Bargain – less than a latté in English money. Very lively, almost killing each other on occasion! Didn’t complete in 45 min lesson. World questions worked really well in my multi-national class!”  Rachel, England

About the Author

Originally from Canada, Rob Whyte is a long-time resident of Busan, South Korea. A battle-hardened veteran of Korea’s ESL industry, he’s taught every kind of student – from pre-kindergarten toddlers to high school English teachers – over the past two decades or so, though most of his teaching experience is with elementary and middle school children as well as university students. Rob is a published author and has written for international companies like Lonely Planet. He also writes ebooks for ESL teachers.


Wrap UP

The Monster Pack is four ebooks put together; the ones shown below.

teach English with ESL trivia game
teach English with ESL trivia volume 2