ESL Listening: Ikea Kitchen English Lesson

by eslwriter on May 17, 2012

in ESL Listening

This 15-minute listening exercise has great conversational English for ESL students. Ikea, for those in Korea who do not know, is a furniture store from Sweden.

Ikea: Kitchen Squad from Cutting Edge Commercial on Vimeo.


Ikea Kitchen Squad


squad, arty, funky, heart of the home, destroyed


Part 1

  1. What is Colleen’s job?
  2. Why did Ikea squad put her kitchen in the forest?

Part 2

  1. Does the mother cook with her daughter?
  2. What’s wrong with the old oven?
  3. What does the man offer the woman at the end?

Part 3

  1. Where was the new kitchen built?
  2. What adjectives did she use to describe the new kitchen?
  3. Why are the people wearing yellow toques?







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