How to Teach Basic Writing and Trade English: Lesson 3

It’s week 3 of the class. Let’s get ready for the final exam.

Warm Up (10)

Can you solve the business office puzzle?


Class Notes

Notes for the class.

Textbook Unit 5 

Here are the resources for the lesson.

Let’s do the exercises in Unit 5. They are good practice. They help you learn to write simple present tense sentences that describe places.

  • Read and write

Tasks (60)

  • explain the words (5)
  • page 29 
  • page 30 and 31 (10)
  • capital letter review (5)
  • page 31 fill in the blanks part 1 and 2 (10)
  • Write again (10)
  • Word Scramble (10)
  • read the answer and write the question (10)

5-minute break

  • page 34 (10)
  • page 36 and 37 – read and write (10)
  • dictation (10)


Review Final Exam Questions

1 Write 2 business emails

Write 2 business email messages. Use the same style you learned for the midterm exam. 

I will give you an information sheet about smartphones. Here is the information sheet.

You write two email messages.

One message is from a customer. That person:

  • wants to buy a Samsung or iPhone smartphone
  • asks you three questions to compare those two phones
  • asks you which phone is better to buy when you think about the three things to compare

You might want to ask questions about:

  • battery life
  • memory
  • price
  • phone


The second email is from the smartphone store. That person is a smartphone expert. That person:

  • writes an email with the answers
  • compares the two phone when looking at three things
  • suggest which phone to buy

Your emails must use proper business email style.


2 Question Scramble

You will have a few questions. They will be similar to the midterm exam. Here is an example.

  • why china to you are going
  • Why are you going to China?


3 There is and There are

Write one sentence with:

  • there is 
  • there are

Write one question with:

  • there is 
  • there are

4 Rewrite with a Different Person


5 Describe a Place

Write a short story about a place. Maybe it is your office. Your story should use the same style as page 45 and 46:

  • 4 paragraphs
  • introduction
  • place
  • people
  • conclusion