English Advanced Conversation: Week 3

Two weeks ago we did a short exercise about six thinking hats. These hats help ESL students find new and interesting ways to talk in English about any conversation topic.

  1. White Hat: Facts.
  2. Red Hat: Emotion and opinions.
  3. Yellow Hat: Good points. What you like about it?
  4. Black Hat: Bad points. Mistakes you can find.
  5. Green Hat: Creativity. What if was another way?
  6. Blue Hat: Conclusions. The main idea.

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English Advanced Conversation: Week 1

It’s a new semester. Welcome to the Advanced ESL Conversation class. I hope you’re ready to advance.

English Conversation Syllabus

Here is the syllabus for our Advanced English conversation class.

ESL Activities

This conversation and vocabulary worksheet has words which might look similar but have different meanings.

Work with a partner and explain the differences between the words. Make examples for each sentence.

Creativity Lesson

Here is a quick exercise that requires you to have some imagination and creativity. This is a lesson that was used by a business professor  class in California.

You and your partner have 5000 won. Think of ways you can make as much money as possible in two hours.


What ideas did you come up with? What do you think about the ideas developed by the California students?

6 Hats Thinking

Here is a description of the six thinking hats we saw in class.