English Lessons: ESL Conversation Week 11

It’s week 11 of the semester, and soon the university will have a festival. Here are some activities my ESL students will use to learn and practice their English speaking skills.

Sentence Patterns: Prepositions plus verb ING

I had a plan to use this activity last week, but we did not have enough time. So let’s try this week.

Look at the words. Make a full question for your partner by adding a preposition. make an answer with a preposition plus ING verb. Ask two or three follow up questions. Here is an example:

  • What are you looking forward to these days?
  • I’m looking forward to going to the university festival.
  • Why?
  • Because my favorite rap group is coming to the school and I want to see that show.
  • What time is the show?
  • The concert starts at 8pm.
  1. I am looking forward
  2. I am good
  3. I am bad
  4. I get excited
  5. I am used
  6. I often think
  7. I sometimes dream
  8. I always insist


Here are some topics. Make a group with 2-4 people. Each person in the group must choose a topic and talk for 25 seconds without stopping. One person in the group checks the time with a stopwatch. If you stop or hesitate, do it again.

My room ♦ Fun ♦ My friend ♦ This room ♦ Milk ♦ Danger ♦ Oranges ♦ Snow ♦ Money ♦ Holidays ♦ Animals ♦ Furniture ♦ Dentists ♦ Cough ♦ Coffee


This vocabulary worksheet helps ESL learn words about everyday things.

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