ESL Conversation Intermediate, Spring, Week 13

It’s week 13 for the second year English conversation class.  Festival week.

Weekly Plan

  • creativity project
  • textbook reading and listening
  • speaking accurately – short ESL video
  • quiz #2

What did we do last week?

  • looked at quiz review questions
  • several sections from the textbook

Hour 1

Attendance and review (5)

A Thinking Project (20)

Part 1 Bloom’s Taxonomy

Long ago, there was a guy who tried to describe different kinds of thinking related to learning and action. His name was Bloom. He made a list and created a pyramid. In the 1990s, one of his old students revised the list. That is what you see below.

The learning skills at the bottom tend to be easy; the ones at the top tend to be more difficult.

Image result for Bloom’s Taxonomy

 Part 2. The Thinking Task

Here is a short pair work project that asks you and your partner to complete a simple task. It requires creativity and analysis. This exercise is similar to an activity many years ago at Stanford University called the $5 Project.

You and you team have 5000 won. With this money, think of a way to make as much money as possible. In this exercise, you are you team have just 2 hours of working time.


After ten minutes of preparation, we will listen to each team’s idea.

Then I will tell you what some students at Stanford University did and how much money they were able to make in just two hours.

Textbook Work

Touchstone online listening files

Page 33 Socializing (10)

  • answer pair work questions at bottom of page

Page 34 Party time (15)

  • read
  • read and listen
  • listen
  • answer questions in B and C

Hour 2

Describe what happened (20)

  • Watch the video
  • write a sentence that describes each action
  • check answers on board



Page 35 #2 (15)

  • I’m supposed to go to the party. (obligation, expectation, but some doubt)
  • I was going to go to the party. (intention, expectation, plan changed)

Page 35 #3 (10)

  • pair work answer questions

Page 36 Get going (20)

  • read
  • read and listen
  • listen
  • get expressions in B


Hour 3

Attendance and review (5)

Page 37  Grammar (15)

  • answer questions with get

Quiz #2 (20)


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