ESL Conversation Intermediate, Spring, Week 2

ESL Conversation Lessons

It’s week 2 for the intermediate English conversation class, spring 2017.

Weekly Plan

  1. quick review of the syllabus for new students
  2. book report title
  3. textbook
  4. English speaking activities
  5. review verb tenses
  6. seating arrangements

ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1 Units 1a and 1b

Page 2 (20 min)

  • Talk about someone. Tell your partner about a person he/she should get to know, and why.
  • Read story about Melida.
  • Track 2 listening
  • Shadow listening to story.
  • With partner, describe how you are the same and different.

Verb Tenses (10 min)

Here is a quick review of some verb tenses that you will need to know for this exercise and a few others coming up in the book.

Page 3 – 2A grammar (15 min)

  • Track 3
  • fill in blanks
  • pair work ask partner these questions.

Page 3 Speaking Naturally (15 min)

  • Track 4
  • listen and repeat
  • notice sound change for auxiliary verbs
  • discussion ask partner questions from page 2 box, try for reduced sounds

What’s an auxiliary verb?

  • auxiliary means extra or help
  • auxiliary verb means one verb that helps another verb
  • main auxiliary verbs: do, be have

Hour 2

Page 4 – 1A (15 min)

  • Track 5
  • listening for different verb forms
  • listen to Dan’s story – no book
  • listen again with the book
  • read text no listening, highlight unknown words
  • check dictionary, make word list in notebook

Page 4 – 1B and 1C (15 min)

  • fill in boxes
  • three kinds of verbs
  • see the patterns?
  • choose 1 or 2 verbs from each and write full sentences in your notebook.

Page 4 – 2a, 2b and 3 (20 min)

  • read box
  • fill in blanks
  • check answers
  • Talk About It – pair work conversation

Book report project

  • collect student names and book titles

Hour 3

  • alphabet list building
  • pair work practice: picture prompts and verb tenses
  • preposition maze and Q&A (10)

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