ESL Conversation Intermediate, Spring, Week 5

Here are some notes and activities for Week 5 of the semester.

Quiz Review

Here are the vocabulary worksheets for the quiz review. The worksheets have all of the words you need to study as you prepare for the quiz.


Quiz Outline


  • Pages 4, 5 and 10

Read a prompt and then write a sentence with the verb and correct form.

For example: seem

  • You seem to be a little tired today.

  • From study worksheets

Know all of the words. That means spelling, meaning and opposites. Some questions might look like these:

  • What is the opposite of helpful?
  • Word jumble: tcailpcar
  • What is a meaning of reliable?
  1. COMPARISONS WITH Not and AS, page 13

Read the prompt and then write a sentence with NOT and As with a comparison.

For example: English.

  • English is not as difficult to learn as German.

Go back to the picture of someone making espresso coffee (week 2 slideshow, last slide). Write a question and answer for the six tenses.



Note: Please remember your first name and last name.


Hour 3

Attendance (5)

Quick review of exam questions (5)

Vocabulary worksheet (10)

Online listening files for Touchstone

Page 16 (10)

  • listen 2 times
  • notice how the speaker summaries the other person’s ideas

Page 17 #2 (10)

  • NOW  is used to change the direction of a conversation
  • read and match

Page 17 #3 A and B (10)

  • listen 2 times
  • answer the questions in A and B

Page 17 #3 C (10)

  • short pair work about different tastes

Page 19 #2 (10)

  • listen 2 times
  • answer the questions


  • study for quiz
  • read and understand page 22

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