ESL LIstening Exercise: Video Game Inventor

This English exercise is a listening lesson about an inventor. He is the guy who invented the first video game. So, all the video games which students enjoy today are based on the work of this man.

Video Game Inventor


inventor, video console, license, a challenge, retire

Comprehension Questions

  1. How many years did it take to find a company that would buy his game?
  2. What game did people play with the first video game console?
  3. How many games of Odyssey were sold in the first year?
  4. How many sold in total?
  5. How long has he been making toys and games?
  6. What did he get from the US president?
  7. When did he build his house?
  8. What does he need in his life?
  9. Why does he think he is an artist?
  10. Does he want to retire?

Click here to watch the video: ESL-exercise-video-inventor-lesson.

2 thoughts on “ESL LIstening Exercise: Video Game Inventor”

  1. great video and would work great in my class,would like to download it to present to my learners.

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