Q and A with Prepositions

Here is a quick ESL speaking activity. It helps students learn and remember how to use prepositions when making questions and answers.

How to Use this Pair Activity

Get students in pairs. One student reads a question and fills in the blank with the proper preposition. The other students makes a long answer.

When I do pair work activities like this, I also push my students to use Sentence Blocks. This idea is simple. One question becomes 3 questions. Every question is a prompt to build a mini dialogue.

That’s one way to extend the fluency building effect of simple activities like this one.

Question Prompts

  1. What do you worry ……. ?
  2. What talents are you envious ……. ?
  3. Are you superstitious ……. anything?
  4. What things in life are you most proud ……. ?
  5. Are you fluent …….any languages?
  6. What do you often dream ……. ?
  7. What people can you most often rely ……. ?
  8. What would you like to be famous ……. ?
  9. What do you sometimes complain ……. ?
  10. Is there anything you are afraid ……. ?

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