ESL Writing Fall 2018 Y1 W5

It’s week 5 of the semester. Time for another holiday.

Hour 1

Let’s work on a couple of writing skills to fix a few common errors. I often see these errors in student writing.

No Paragraphs – what is a paragraph?

  • change idea
  • end of someone speaking
  • web writing – lots of white space and short paragraphs

4 Kinds of Sentences

  • appositives
  • simple
  • compound
  • complex


Verb Tense (40)

In the first draft, it is easy and normal to make basic grammar mistakes. For example, changing the verb tense. This is a problem because it is hard for the reader to understand the flow of the story  – is it now or in the past? The same mistake can make your business email message also hard to understand.

Click here to read the lesson plan for this task.


Hour 2

4 Kinds of Sentences (45)

This long activity asks students to review 4 kinds of sentence patterns.

  • a simple sentences
  • a compound sentence
  • a complex sentence
  • an appositive

 Then students will watch a video and complete a guided writing activity by writing a summary with just these 4 kind so sentences.

Click here to read about the writing activity in detail.


Hour 3

This is a free writing period.

Students can choose what the want to do. Students may:

  1. re-write story #1 (creative story based on a picture)
  2. rewrite story #2 (show me in the cafe)
  3. complete story #3 from week 4 (hero’s journey)
  4. finish the guided writing activity described in Hour 2
  5. completed the editing exercise from last week (click here to read the questions on a MS Word file and see the answers).