ESL Writing Freshmen 2018 Week 1

Welcome to the writing class. I want you to remember these two numbers : 90 and 10.

This week we have many things to do this week:

  1. introduce course and review the syllabus
  2. review a few basic writing tools
  3. practice error correction
  4. watch a video and write a summary
  5. write a story about a place

Hour 1

Review Syllabus (10)

Here is the course syllabus: writing class syllabus.

What is good writing? (10)

A Few Writing Tools (20)

Let’s do a quick review of some words and phrases that you will need to know for this writing class. I call these writing tools.

Look at the words on this pdf file. Then let’s do a little writing practice.

Next class (5)

Bring 4 things. What are they?

Homework (5)

To prepare for your first writing assignment, I want you to do a little reading. Read the descriptions about places in Korea.

Read about:

Answer these questions:

  1. Can you see any patterns in the descriptions?
  2. What do you think about the word choices and sentence fluency?


Hour 2

Part 1 Quick Review (10)

Last week, you write a few sentences with the writing tools. Let’s finish that work and then check a few examples on the board.

Part 2 Writing Skill  (15)

  • Show me, don’t tell me explanation
  • Vocabulary check: show me words

Part 3 Read and Think (10)

Read about 2 places:

  1. Can you see any patterns in the descriptions?
  2. What do you think about the word choices and sentence fluency?
  3. Can you find examples of SHOW ME?

Part 4 Writing Exercise (20)

Choose one place that you know and describe it:

  • one thing to see
  • one thing to do
  • one thing to eat.

Remember: don’t tell me about that place …. show me the place.

Hour 3

Part 1 (15)

  • Writing skill: Prepositional phrases
  • writing drill

Part 2 (15)

  • Read and listen 2 Nirvana by Bukowski
  • notice elements of show me
  • notice plot, characters and setting

Part 3 (20)

  • Writing exercise #2: The Diner
  • take one sentence and picture prompt from last exercise
  • write a creative story

Here are a few tips:

  • Every story needs a setting, character(s) and plot.
  • Every character wants something. 
  • There is a start, middle and end.

In your first draft, don’t try to get everything perfect. Just get the basic parts on paper. You will rewrite this draft 2 more times.

By the end of the third draft, you will have a good looking story.



The canvas page.


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