Freshman ESL Conversation Spring, Week 3

ESL Conversation Lessons

It’s week 3 for the freshman English conversation class, spring 2017. Time to start and finish your book report project.

Weekly Plan

  1. finish word hunt vocabulary worksheet
  2. finish alphabet worksheet
  3. textbook
  4. review vocabulary

Check homework

  • make a story: who do you admire?
  • page 6 in textbook

What did we do last week?

  • adjectives and adverbs
  • irregular adverbs
  • speaking – rising and falling intonation
  • listening and shadowing
  • you found a book to read
  • word hunt – about 50% finished

ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

Attendance and review book report project time. (5)

Which one is better? (15)

Purpose: to explain ideas with two or three good reasons

What to do: Make a question and ask your partner to choose one and explain why it is better.

How to describe which is better?

  • think about cost, quantity, quality, taste, health, comfort, atmosphere, meaning
  1. cats or dogs
  2. winter or summer
  3. ice cream or sulbing
  4. books or computers
  5. rice or bread
  6. McDonald’s or Lotteria
  7. me or you
  8. pizza or sandwich
  9. spicy rice cake or pajeon
  10. coffee or green tea
  11. up or down

Page 5, Part 2 (20 min)

  • read grammar box
  • prefix and suffix
  • Part 2B, make Q&A with your partner

Part 3 (10)

  • listen two times
  • fill in blanks

Extra (10)

Homework for next class

  • page 6
  • who do you admire story (1-2 minutes)

Hour 2

Negative Questions (5)

A few notes about how to answer negative questions.

Pair work conversation (10)

Review vocabulary by asking an answering these questions with your partner.

  1. Describe your personality.
  2. What kinds of people do you get along well?
  3. Do your friends have similar personalities?
  4. What kind of personality should a doctor have?
  5. Is your personality more similar to your mother’s or father’s?
  6. Do you think we are born with our personalities, or do we develop them because of what happens to us?

Page 6 Part C, Wasting Time (20 min)

  • check vocabulary Part 1A
  • read and listen to story
  • listen and shadow
  • Part 1D, rewrite sentences
  • check on board

Page 7, 2, AT LEAST (10)

  • describe purpose of AT LEAST – take a bad thing and find a good thing
  • listen to 5 sentences two times
  • where does AT LEAST go?

Page 7, 3A and 3B, FUNNY HABITS (15)

  • listen 3 times for ALWAYS and CONTINUOUS VERB
  • where does AT LEAST go?
  • read and repeat with partner

Hour 3


  • make Q&A with partner
  • talk about people’s habits
  • use ALWAYS and CONTINUOUS VERB and AT LEAST in answers

Pair Work, Who do you admire? (15)

  • tell 1-2 minute story with partner
  • partner listens and ask questions
  • listen to partner and ask questions

Complete Worksheets (10)

Pair Work Vocabulary Review (15 min)

  • check words in your vocabulary review box
  • explain the words to partner (don’t say the word)
  • partner guesses the word
  • then read and listen to sound file

Extra Material (10)

Homework for Next Week (5)

  • read and answer page 10 (review)
  • page 13, read grammar box and answer questions in 2A
  • start (and finish) reading your book
  • write first draft of book report

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