Graduate Writing Class Spring 2017 Week 13

This is week 13 of the graduate school writing class.

ESL Writing Class

Attendance and review (5)

Last week

  • what is a hypothesis
  • abductive reasoning
  • create an argument from a hypothesis
  • write an assignment that summarizes a hypothesis and evaluates the argument

Writing Assignments Post- Midterm Exam

  • analysis and evaluation of the electric car TV advertisement – argument and warrants
  • murder mystery – inquiry method
  • health and wealth – summary and analysis, build an argument from a hypothesis
  • less is more – summary and analysis, build an argument from a hypothesis


  • Week 13: May 23 – class (last day to hand in writing for feedback, finish before and after writing assignment, quiz #2)
  • Week 14: May 30 – class (8 presentations, return before and after assignments)
  • Week 15: June 6 – no class (holiday)
  • Week 16: June 13 – last regular class of the semester (7 presentations, exam review, return final student writing)
  • Week 17: June 20 – final exam

Moral Dilemma Assignment

  • Week 14: May 30 – 8 presentations
  • Week 16: June 13 – 7 presentations


Schedule for Today

  • comments on last writing – living small (15)
  • complete a short summary writing exercise about Twitter (30)
  • free time to work on oral presentation or last rewrite (20)
  • complete before and after exercise (30)
  • quiz #2 (20)


What is a Summary?

A summary has several important features:

  • it’s short
  • focus on main idea
  • gives important information (e.g. examples) that makes the main idea easy to understand
  • excludes unnecessary data
  • mostly uses your own words

One final point.

A summary is not just a bunch of sentences put together in a paragraph. It should be well written with a beginning, middle and end. A well written summary is a story about a story.


 General Comments on Last Writing

I read everything that was handed in last week. Here are a few comments and observations about the living small report.



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