Graduate Writing Class Spring 2017 Week 2

ESL Writing

Welcome to the English writing class in the graduate program, spring 2017.

This week’s plan

  1. Understand the benefits and expected outcomes of this course by looking at the syllabus (e.g. book, grades, etc)
  2. Extra resources for motivated students who want more
  3. Answer the question: what is good writing?
  4. Homework
  5. Writing activities

Extra Resources

What is good writing?

The answer might be found in this short presentation.


  • pencil
  • 1 notebook and 1 notepad
  • dictionary

Next Week

  • talk about the book report project

ESL Writing Activities

1. Improve Vocabulary

A test. Can you learn these words in a minute? New vocabulary.

2. Basic Writing Concepts

3. Before and After

Most students want to improve their writing skills. That’s the overall aim of this class.

This short writing activity provides students with evidence of their improvement (or lack of improvement) at the semester. The activity is called Before and After.

4. Error Correction

In order to become an independent writer, students need to be able to find and correct their own errors. During the semester, we will do a few error correction practice exercises. Foster your ability to notice details:

5. Timed Repeated Writing

A short simple activity, timed repeated writing helps students improve writing fluency.

6. Parts of Speech Review

This short reading and thinking activity provides students with a chance to quickly review the eight parts of speech.

7. Descriptive Writing: Cubing

8. Write a Summary

Watch a video and write a 1 to 2 page summary of the story and message. Get the ESL summary writing activity here.

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