Graduate Writing Class Spring 2017 Week 5

ESL Writing Class

This is fifth week for graduate students’  writing class.

Work Plan – Week 5


  1. rewrite #1 – finish Room 8
  2. rewrite #2 – finish the creative story (from a picture prompt and first sentence exercise)
  3. rewrite #3 – rewrite short story by adding lots of information
  4. rewrite #4 – improve paragraph structure (story with 4 elements)
  5. write #5– articles, word choice and cohesion (new activity this week)

Other stuff

  1. extra resources
  2. homework
  3. story analysis
  4. feedback

ESL Writing Activities

Hour 1

Attendance and review (5)

Extra Resources (5)

Listening to a stories

  • Serial, a popular audio serialized story

ESL Class Homework for Next Week (5)

  • Read a short story by O. Henry called After 20 Years
  • Analyze the text according to the 6+1 writing traits.
  • Discuss comments about the story next week.

Can’t remember all of the traits?

Text analysis (10)

  • Comments on the story which I assigned as homework last week
  • What can we learn from this text?
  • Can you see any elements of the 6+1 writing traits in this story?

Feedback and writing (20)

Hour 2 -3

Opportunities for Improvement (20)

  • #1 – first sentence
  • #2 – better paragraphs
  • #3 – more details
  • #4 – articles and word choices


  1. Students are not sure about the proper use of articles
  2. Students need to be more proactive with word variety


Look at the picture. It is a logic puzzle. Solve the puzzle by putting the pictures in the correct order.

That’s the easy part.

Next, write a short story that describes all of the actions. Do not leave out any steps. Be sure to use definite and indefinite articles correctly.

That’s a little easy.

Finally, use a different verb for each action. Do not repeat verbs.

That’s the hard part. You will probably want to use a thesaurus for this step. Please use words familiar to you and avoid impossibly difficult synonyms.

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