Basic Writing: Week 10

ESL Writing Activities


Last week:

  • introduce summary writing
  • writing assignment #1: summary of the main idea in the video Howl
  • writing assignment #2: one paragraph summary of the story about shipping containers

This Week

  • rewrite second draft of How and shipping containers
  • start assignment #4: summarize the main idea in a coke ad, with compare and contrast
  • start assignment #3: summarize a story about Twitter

Writing Assignment #3: Summarize with Compare and Contrast

Here is another exercise to practice thinking and writing. In this writing assignment, you will:

  1. Find the main idea of the advertisement.
  2. Include specific examples from the ad which show show or describe or prove of the main idea.
  3. Be sure to describe how the message main idea is connected to compare and contrast.
  4. Write one paragraph.

Coke Ad Grandpa


Writing Assignment #4: Twitter

Read the story. Summarize the main idea. Include important details form the text to explain your key points.


learn to write English summary about popcorn

Writing Assignment #5: Expensive Popcorn

Finished early? Here’s the next writing assignment.

Read the story. Summary the main idea. Include important details from the text to explain your key points.