ESL Writing Class Week 14

It’s the end of the semester and time for the students to review what they have learned in the English writing class this semester.

Writing Exercise 1: Edit

Find the errors. Rewrite the paragraph. When is the last time you had a Coca-Cola. did you know that John Pemberton, a pharmacist in atlanta, Georgia inventd Coca-Cola as a medicine he named the syrup he invented for two of it’s ingredients the coca leaf and kola nuts Coca-cola soon become a popular soft drink. On 1891 Pemberton sold his invention to Asa Candler for $2,300. Candler open bottling plants around the U.S. In 1919, Candler sold the business for $25,000,000!

Writing Exercise 2: Email message lesson

Write an email to the Sheraton hotel. Ask three questions. Use standard email writing message format.

Writing Exercise 3: Think and Edit

Look at this text. Make it better by following the suggestions.

Writing Exercise 4: Think and Edit More

Read this short text. Follow the instructions and make the story better.

Writing Exercise 5: Rewrite

Rewrite the short stories you wrote last week.         answers

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