Week 2: ESL Writing Class

Welcome to Week 2, ESL students. Please print these writing worksheets and bring them to class.


Here is a lesson to help students learn and practice the use of articles in English writing. Download and print the writing worksheet.

Dog and Sausage

In this writing lesson, my ESL students will write a story. The purpose of this writing lesson is to:

  1. review and use some of the writing tools we learned in a previous class;
  2. use articles (a, the, some) correctly;
  3. write a story with picture prompts.
  4. use and practice editing skills.


Many people forget subject verb agreement in simple present tense.

The man walk on the street.

Vocabulary – Understand difference between:

  1. follow and chase
  2. see and look at
  3. recognize and notice
  4. take/bring and carry

Improper Present continuous

The man walking in the street.

Non Countable Nouns

Foods, breads


  1. At that time
  2. Around the corner
  3. On the street


  1. Need proper punctuation and capitalization.
  2. Don’t start sentence with AND

Wordy Sentences

  1. The man who is angry runs to catch the dog.
  2. Try this: The angry man runs to catch the dog.


While is used when writing about two actions happening at the same time.
While is used with a subject and verb.

  1. While I was playing with my cat, my brother was doing his homework.
  2. While we were playing poker, the CD was playing.
  3. My father doesn’t like the TV on while we are eating dinner.

During tells us when an action is (was) happening. During is used with a noun/pronoun.

  1. My students are really busy during the week.
  2. He was sleeping during the party.
  3. The electricity went out during the storm.



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  1. Hello, I teach English in France. I’m new at this. I teach one to one. I find it difficult to adjust lesson plans for one person; Any advice?

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