ESL Conversation Activities: Greenhouse Effect

My advanced ESL students are great people. They have a strong desire to learn English and improve their communication skills.

We are near the end of the university semester – this is week 13 – and there is a rush to get things done.

Given the way the world is moving, it is important for my students to understand issues which are important to their future success. One of those issues is the greenhouse gas effect.

ESL Activity: Discuss Greenhouse Gas Cycle

Here is a model of the greenhouse gas cycle.


Image from bioscholars. Image used with rights granted under Creative Commons.


The objective of this lesson is to improve the students’ understanding of the greenhouse gas problem through a learning process called Intelligence is Social.

In small groups, students will discuss and develop answers for these questions.

  1. What are greenhouse gases?
  2. What is the greenhouse gas effect?
  3. What is changing and what are the consequences?
  4. How do deforestation, burning fossil fuels and population growth contribute to the greenhouse gas problem?


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