ESL Intermediate Conversation – Week 12

It’s week 12 of the semester and time for my ESL students to learn more English speaking before the quiz, which is coming soon.


LOOK LIKE and LIKE are easy to confuse. They are also useful when you want to express ideas in a conversation.

CHARACTER  What is your best friend like?

  1. She is kind and sociable.
  2. She is like a tiger, strong and aggressive.

APPEARANCE  What does your best friend look like?

  1. He is short and a little chubby.
  2. He looks like a happy person.

PREFERENCES  What does your best friend like?

  1. He likes to go hiking on weekends.
  2. She likes eating cheesecake and cooking pancakes for her family.

PROBABILITY  It looks like it is going to rain later today.

  1. It looks like he is going to be sick.
  2. She looks like she is going to fall down.

Practice 1: Like and Look Like

This is a pair work ESL speaking activity. Ask your partner the questions. S/he must answer with the correct form of like or look like. Be sure to ask at least 2 follow up questions. Click here if you want to print all of the questions on paper.


Ask your partner these questions. Use a sentence block: ask at least two follow up questions.

  1. What do you like eating for breakfast?
  2. What is your home town like?
  3. What does your brother or sister look like?
  4. What is the climate in Korea like?
  5. Does your family like fast food?
  6. What is your best friend like?
  7. What does your house look like?
  8. Would you like to live in Australia?
  9. What is President Park like?
  10. Who do you look like?


Ask your partner these questions. Use a sentence block: ask at least two follow up questions.

  1. Did you like going to elementary school?
  2. What are you like in the early morning?
  3. Is there someone in the class who looks like a famous person?
  4. Did you like vegetables when you were young?
  5. What is television like in Korea?
  6. What does the center of your town look like?
  7. What don’t you like about Chuseok?
  8. What were you like as a child?
  9. In your family, who looks like you the most?
  10. Do you like fish or meat more?

Practice 2: Like and Look Like

Look at the pictures (click here to look at the pictures). Talk with your partner and ask a few questions.

  1. Describe what you see.
  2. What do the people look like?
  3. What are the people like, do you think?
  4. Do you like this picture?
  5. Why might this picture be famous or interesting?

Practice 3: Looks Like

Look at the picture. Use LOOKS LIKE to describe the things that might happen. For example:

  • It looks like he might fall down.
  • She looks like she might have an accident.

Quiz Number 2 Review

  1. vocabulary list from the class pair work exercise
  2. items from the exercise 16 habits of the mind
  3. questions with too much and too many
  4. questions and vocabulary similar to the ones on this worksheet
  5. the two short stories in your text book (pages 59 and 61)
  6. pages 53 and 54 from the textbook.


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