ESL Students and Writing Style

I am more and more dissatisfied with the focus and intent of so many ESL writing books.

They look the same and tend to focus on the same limited, mundane skills: thesis sentence and paragraph structure. I know those things are important but I also know that they diminish student interest in writing as a craft. As a mode of personal expression. Good ESL writing and teaching shouldn’t be an exercise in rote memorization.

On that theme, I am interested in developing materials that help students develop their own style, plus writing skills.


Researching that area of writing instruction, I came across a few resources.

  1. You can’t teach writing. I like the idea but need to think about that concept a little more. Here is a good post on that subject which includes an annotated bibliography of relevant books. I especially like the comments on Stephen King’s book On Writing.
  2. This web post is about technical writing, a field far from ESL instruction perhaps. But there are a good many cross over issues related to style and instructional approaches.
  3. Another post about technical writing style. But sometimes it’s good to read around a subject in order to generate new ideas. Like this collection of articles.
  4. Finally, Ten Things I Teach About Writing. Written by a grade nine teacher, I like the simplicity of this person’s ideas about teaching writing.





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