ESL Writing Lesson: Focus on Sentences

This writing lesson for ESL students is about learning how to write a sentence.

Last week, my students wrote a paragraph using a brainstorming technique, which is here. Some of the stories were quite good. The main problem was awkward sentences. Not complete, too long, or just garbled.

This lesson looks at that problem.

Paraphrase by Changing Nouns to Verbs

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at different ways to build writing skills through paraphrasing. This lesson teaches students how to change nouns to verbs.

It is a good writing skills because helps students learn how to make shorter, less wordy sentences.

Here are two examples.

  1. Long and wordy: You have to give us your decision by tomorrow.
  2. Better: You have to decide by tomorrow.
  1. Long and wordy: Researchers conducted an investigation into the problem.
  2. Better: Researchers investigated the problem.

The writing assignment. Look at the ten writing questions and change the nouns into verbs.

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