City Hall Class ER Update

This semester the city hall trainees are learning about extensive reading. So far in the extensive reading we have completed a number of tasks.

Week 1 Reading Class

Introduce extensive reading. Reading level test with Edinburgh Project on Extensive Reading test. Select first graded reading book.

More sustained silent reading (SSR). Trainees were given a recording sheet to track the number of pages read. The objective is to read 600 pages by the end of the month month training program. Without reading assigned as homework, that means  30 pages per week.

Week 2 Reading Class

Completed timed repeated reading (TTR) exercise. Most trainees were in the 100 to 150 words per minute range though a few were up to 200 wpm and more. encouraged everyone to be aware of their reading practices, and to move beyond letter and word recognition, which is their natural habit.

Completed one speed reading exercise using Paul Nation’s Asian and Pacific Speed Readings for ESL Learners. No data collection charts were given to the students on the first class. This was a trial run to get students into the process. The class read Life in the South Pacific Islands.

Week 3 Reading Class

Completed a standard oral fluency exercise, which I found in a Paul nation book, 4-3-2, though I modified it to 3-2-1. Provided feedback to trainees by suggesting that they had two distinct speaking speeds, slow and near native fluency.  The take away was an encouragement to try and speak more quickly with few breaks and distractors.






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