Learn English Speaking, 3

Learn English Speaking, 3

Here is the plan for this week’s English conversation class.

  1. develop listening and speaking skills by completing textbook chapters 7c and d;
  2. improve vocabulary by solving compound word worksheet;
  3. develop speaking fluency – practice simple sentence patterns – questions and answers
  4. improve fluency with a simple worksheet with prepositions. Match the adjective and preposition. Move through the maze. then use each pair to make a question for your partner. (no need to print)
  5. Quick pair work exercise to practice final sounds.

Conversation Questions

Student A

  1. What looks different when it is cold than when it is hot?
  2. What would you not cut with a knife?
  3. What can you identify by its smell with your eyes closed?
  4. What can you do at school, but not at home?
  5. What stays hot all winter?
  6. Say three pairs of homophones.

Student B

  1. What are things money can’t buy?
  2. What can you use to protect yourself against the sun?
  3. In what situations should you always wash your hands first?
  4. What would the world be like without money?
  5. What would you never eat with salt?
  6. Agree or Disagree: one is better than zero? Why?



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