Learn English Writing, 12

Learn English Writing, 12

This is the plan to help ESL students learn English writing:

  1. improve vocabulary and reading comprehension by paraphrasing quotes;
  2. prepare for the quiz by reviewing study material (week 13);
  3. complete rewrites of compare and contrast story (coke video);
  4. rewrite blind folded people story;
  5. rewrite email;
  6. rewrite lost at sea (throw away 60 kg) story;

Quiz #2 Review Material

Section 1 Email

Write an email message to a hotel that asks four specific questions. Your written message should look like a properly formatted email message.

Section 2 Three Sentences

You will look at a picture prompt and write three kinds of sentences:

  • a sentence with a prepositional phrase;
  • an appositive;
  • a complex sentence (a sentence with a dependent and independent clause).

Section 3 Articles

Read the sentences. Add a/an/the or nothing. Get the answers here.

Part 1

  1. _____ Second World war ended in 1945.
  2. Do you know _____  people who live next door.
  3. Are you interested in _____  art or  _____
  4. Don’t stay in that hotel. _____  beds are very uncomfortable.
  5. I hate _____
  6. Two of _____ biggest problems facing our society are  _____  crime and _____
  7. What time do your children finish _____  school?
  8. On _____ way to London we passed through _____  small village with _____  old church. We stopped to visit  _____   It was _____  beautiful building.

Part 2

  1. Although _____ accommodation in Paris is quite expensive, I found _____ cheap hotel in _____ city centre.
  2. _____ Good Fast Food Competition aims to prove that _____ fast food doesn’t need to be made with _____ unhealthy ingredients.
  3. Do you know any shops that sell _____ clothes for _____ teenagers? – “Yes, there’s _____ place called young style on _____ other side of _____ town.
  4. People say _____ Costume Museum is quite boring, but I’ve got _____ friend who went there and says it’s brilliant.
  5. I went to _____ fashion show in _____ town centre yesterday. _____ models were really good-looking but _____ clothes were _____ bit boring.
  6. When my son starts _____ school, he’ll have _____ lunch every day in _____ canteen. I hope he likes _____ food.
  7. _____ tracksuit he bought yesterday was _____ wrong size.
  8. He had to go to _____ hospital for _____ check-up.
  9. Is there _____ cheap hotel near here?
  10. He left _____ home without informing anyone.



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