ESL English Writing Lessons: Week 13 (part 2)

In this lesson my ESL students will learn a few specific English writing skills.


In this exercise, my ESL students will read a short story. The story does not have enough information. It is incomplete. This is typical of many student writers. The basic material is there but it needs more examples and details to be a really good  piece of writing.

Here is what we will do.

  1. Read the short story.
  2. Read the prewriting notes.
  3. Read the suggestions for elaboration (i.e. make bigger, longer and better)
  4. Work with a partner and talk about possible answers for each point.
  5. Rewrite the paragraph with new ideas and sentences.


In this writing exercise, students will:

  1. read a short passage
  2. add and remove sentences to make the story clearer
  3. proofread to remove errors.
  4. rewrite.


This is a challenging exercise.

  1. Watch and listen to this video.
  2. Discuss setting, character and plot with your partner.
  3. Discuss the meaning or the story, if any.
  4. Describe what happened and why.


Room 8 from Bombay Sapphire on Vimeo.

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