Sophomore English Writing: Week 12

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Last week:

  • complete writing assignments 1-4
  • start new kind of analysis: critical thinking #5 (hybrid car and numbers)

This Week

  • complete writing assignments 1-5
  • quiz #2 review notes
  • start assignment #6

Warm Up Assignment: #6a

Today’s writing is about explain choices based on some sort of moral reason. That means, your decision is based on some kind of truth or principle that is used in many parts of your life.

This first exercise is warm up. Read the scenario and describe your choice with reasons. Make in an argument (claim plus premise).

You are sitting on a bus. There are no empty seats. Lots of passengers are standing. Three people get on the bus: an old woman, a pregnant woman with a 6 month old baby and a teenager with a cast and crutches.

What do you do?

Writing Assignment #6: Moral Choice

This writing exercise requires a small bit of reading and a bit of thinking You are going to summarize a story, analyze the main argument and then evaluate it.

Read this short story called The Empty Pot.

  • In a paragraph or two summarize the story. Be sure to describe the choice made the honest boy.
  • Describe what his friend did.
  • What is the main argument?
  • Do you agree or disagree with that? This is the evaluation part. Explain your answer with some reasons.

The most important part of this assignment is to find the argument in the story and tell me if you agree or disagree with it based on some moral principles.

Quiz Review

Next week, you will have a quiz. Here are the study notes for the quiz.

  1. Write a sentence with a metaphor. Then explain the argument made by the metaphor. (Note: this should be a metaphor which we did not study or review in class.)
  2. Write a sentence with a simile. Then explain the argument made by the simile. (Note: this should be a simile which we did not study or review in class.)
  3. Watch this video. Describe the metaphor. Describe the argument. (all about 1 to 2 paragraphs)