Sophomore English Writing: Week 7

Learn English Writing


Last week:

  • had a quiz
  • started lessons about 15 new verbs
  • almost finished rewriting stories 1 to 5

This Week

  • return quiz and review answers
  • complete all 5 writing tasks
  • finish feedback
  • review study notes for the mid term exam
  • check the exam schedule

Quiz #1 Review

Click this link to see suggested answers for Quiz #1.

Half-Semester Review

Started the semester with a plan to understand, “What is good writing?”

The answer is the 6+1 writing traits.

  1. idea
  2. voice
  3. word choice
  4. sentence fluency
  5. organisation
  6. conventions
  7. presentation

Five major writing tasks to learn and practice these 7 parts of good writing:

  • Creative story (based on a picture): idea, voice, word choice, organisation
  • Mini saga: organisation, word choice, idea, organisation
  • Boat and Goat: conventions (articles), word choice
  • UFO story: sentence fluency (complex sentences), word choice, idea
  • Narrative Challenge: idea (include details), organisation, sentence fluency (complex and compound sentences), conventions, presentation

We also did some smaller activities:

  • fluency activities (write faster)
  • articles exercises
  • add punctuation

We learned and practiced several specific aspects of writing:

  • importance of a good first sentence
  • noun modifiers
  • complex sentences
  • compound sentences
  • adding style and variety with new verbs
  • including important details with 2 logic puzzles

Mid Term Exam Study Notes

The exam will have 3 parts. The exam will be 50 minutes long.

Exam Schedule

The exam schedule is as follows:

  • ENT 228-02 Tuesday, October 18, 9 am (regular class time, regular room)
  • ENT 228-01 -11 Tuesday, October 18, 10 am (regular class time, regular room)

Part 1. Rewrite your narrative challenge (#5) or creative story (#1) . Your choice.

Why? Show me your best creative writing.

It should show me you understand how to use the 6+1 writing traits. It will be graded as follows:

  • 1-2 pages (max) in length
  • demonstrates ability to put 6+1 writing traits in a story
  • no major grammar or spelling errors
  • no major missing details (all main questions should be discussed in the text like who, what, where, when, why and how)
  • it should have a strong first sentence, good flow and a good ending
  • it’s interesting
  • it should use the writing elements we studied in class (e.g. complex and compound sentences used correctly).
  • proper presentation and organisation (paragraphs and margins)

Part 2 Write a New Mini Saga

Why? Show me you know how to write a fascinating paragraph about one concept.

This 50 word short story will be on a theme selected by me.

  • be 50 words
  • one paragraph
  • have a title
  • have a beginning, middle and end
  •  be related to the theme

The theme will be one of these. I will choose one for the exam.

  • the future
  • a challenge
  • regret
  • happiness

Part 3 Error Correction

Why? Show me your ability to find and fix basic text errors.

You will be given a short text to read. Rewrite the text and fix the mistakes. All or some of the following errors might be included:

  • spelling
  • grammar (including articles)
  • complex and compound sentence errors
  • poor noun modifiers
  • capitalization
  • punctuation
  • bad conclusion sentence
  • weak first sentence

Good luck.

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