Do You Know? (1)

This English conversation worksheet has many questions to increase your vocabulary and knowledge of words. There are questions that ask about rhymes, groups of words, prefixes and general knowledge.

The English lesson has two parts.

  • First, answer the questions with your partner. Write down the answers.
  • Second, make questions and answers for each of the answers.

Read or download the worksheet here: conversation-worksheet-1.

Phrasal Verbs Maze

Phrasal verbs are important for ESL students. They are used all the time but sometimes it’s hard to catch the meaning.

Usually, a phrasal verb has to parts: the verb plus a preposition. Stand up is one example.

Here is a conversation worksheet. The first page has a maze with many words. Match two words that make a phrasal verb. If you move through the maze correctly, you will stop at the end point in 9 or 10 moves.

Click here for the English conversation phrasal verb worksheet.