English Writing Lessons: Week 9


Let’s take a minute to summarize some of the main writing tasks we have finished so far in our class. We have reviewed and practiced:

  1. sentences with THAT/WHICH and appositives (see below);
  2. one paragraph writing style (thesis sentence, three different kinds of supporting sentences and conclusion);
  3. many editing exercises;
  4. run on and choppy sentences;
  5. the difference between SO and BECAUSE;
  6. the difference between LIKE and LOOK LIKE;
  7. some summary writing (we need more practice here);
  8. some basic grammar items like apostrophes and articles;

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Week 7: ESL Writing Lessons

Here is a review of the answers for quiz number 1. My ESL students should review this material carefully if they want to do well on the mid term exam, which is coming next week.

Part 1 Fix the Mistakes

Last weekend, we WENT camping in the mountains. ON Saturday, I WENT hiking and my husband and MY two sons WENT fishing. They love to fish at the lake. They stayed there FOR three hours

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Week 6: ESL Writing Lessons

This is week six of the university semester. On Friday we will have our first quiz. Two weeks later, we will have the mid term exam.


Here are a few comments on the student writing. The writing was good. It is getting better.

I thought the stories about the foolish man were generally good. That was a hard writing exercise because you had to make a story with the information that was collected from questions and answers.

Here are some general comments.

1. Please, remember to

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