Week 2: ESL Writing Class

Welcome to Week 2, ESL students. Please print these writing worksheets and bring them to class.


Here is a lesson to help students learn and practice the use of articles in English writing. Download and print the writing worksheet.

Dog and Sausage

In this writing lesson, my ESL students will write a story. The purpose of this writing lesson is to:

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ESL Writing Activity: E-Mail Rules

Many of my students will soon graduate from university. So, finding a job is important. Many ESL students want to find employment with a company that does international work, or work for a foreign company. In either case, these students will most certainly need to communicate via email with international people.

Unfortunately, many students do not know how to send a proper business e-mail. By proper, I mean an e-mail message that conforms to ideas of proper layout and content.

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