Writing Class Week 7

This week the class will learn new English writing skills and review material. These activities will help the students learn the English tools they need for the mid term exam. The exam questions are below; print the exam questions from this doc.

ESL Writing Activity #1

This is an activity which we did not have time for last week. This writing activity will be on the mid term exam.

Choose two things which might not normally be compared. Find three ways to describe how they are similar. Write a full paragraph with a topic sentence, proof and a conclusion. 

Here is an example by a middle school student, about

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Writing Class Week 6

Here are some writing activities and lessons for week 6 of the semester.

Writing Activity 1: Fix the Parallel Structure

This is an activity which we did not finish last week. Can you edit these sentences to create a parallel structure?

  1. Mike likes to listen to rock music and reading mystery novels.
  2. While in France, my nephew spent his time studying French, working in a restaurant, and he jogged along the Seine River every morning.
  3. My home-office is filled with student reports, scrap paper and the garbage can is overflowing.
  4. Joan decided to paint her office, to add some new curtains, and that the rug needs dry cleaning.

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Writing Class Week 5

Back to school and another week of building writing skills.

This week it’s a mix of different ideas, lessons and activities to improve word choice. Among the six writing traits we have so far looked at organisation, voice and sentence fluency (choppy sentences). This week let’s focus on choosing great words.

Writing Activity 1: Fill in the Details

We did not have enough time for this activity last week. So let’s try again.

Some students have a hard time writing a paragraph with enough details to give the reader a clear picture of what they are talking about. Adding a few details can really improve your writing.

Here is an example. Read the paragraph. It is a simple description of a man and his actions. You can see the main parts of the story are there. But there are few details.

A man walked into the room and saw that there was a party going on. He glanced across the crowd, and as soon as he saw that she was there, he turned around and walked out. He didn’t even stop to put on his coat on the way to the front door, but walked out into the snow. The next day, he never answered his phone.

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Week 2 ESL Writing Class

This week, the ESL writing class has several specific composition objectives.

  1. Learn the six parts of good writing. They are called Six Writing Traits.
  2. Practice rewriting a short passage with a better description and better voice.
  3. Write a short story with a great description and a strong voice.
  4. Write a story that shows us an emotion but does not tell us the emotion. 


IDEA: a clear message. Good writing shows, it does not tell. Include bits of information often forgotten. Stimulating, interesting, surprising content.

ORGANISATION: The structure of the writing. Is it compare and contrast, point by point analysis, chronological? There is a beginning and an end.

VOICE: We can see there is a person writing to us, not a template. There is feeling, humor, personality.

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