Basic Writing: Week 5

Learn English Writing


Last week, we did this:

  • learned about complex sentences
  • wrote a story about a UFO (key point use complex sentences)
  • continued with feedback and rewriting old stories


Here are the study notes for quiz #1 (week 6 of the semester).

Week 5 Plan

  • learn about and review compound sentences
  • complete a short practice exercise with compound and complex sentences
  • continue with rewriting stories 1 to 4
  • start writing assignment #5
  • complete mini assignment, if time permits

Feedback on Writing

Here are the positive comments:

  • many wonderful stories
  • great flow and organisation
  • good first sentences that create interest
  • good sentence variety

Things that can be improved through rewriting:

  • adding paragraphs
  • adding margins
  • double spacing
  • often use SO in the wrong place
  • remember show me, don’t tell me – use SHOCKED (a lot) to describe a feeling but didn’t show us the shocking thing
  • adding details to complete the idea in the sentence

Here is an example:

He put the goat and went back.

Put the goat where” Went back where?

When rewriting your sentences and paragraphs, be sure to ask yourself these simple questions:
who, what, where, when why and how?

Review Compound and Complex Sentences

This page has a review of compound and complex sentences and joining words, called FANBOYS. It also has a worksheet with some practice questions.

Mini Assignment: Write with Clarity

Here is an exercise to help students write clear sentences.

Below are two logic puzzles. Read the puzzles. Find the answers. Write the answer with proper sentences

Logic Puzzle 1

Upstairs, there is a room with one light, one door and one chair. Downstairs, there are three light switches – A, B and C. One switch is connected to the light in the upstairs room.
How can you find out which switch is connected to the upstairs light? You can enter the upstairs room one time. There are no windows and it is impossible to see inside the room unless you open the door. Turn the switches on and off as much as you like.

Logic Puzzle 2

There is a monkey at the bottom of a well. The well is 30 meters deep. Each morning, the monkey climbs up three meters. Every evening, the monkey slides down two meters.
There is no water in the well and there are no tools. How long will it take the monkey to get out of the well?

Nothing to Do

Here is another review of articles. Scroll down to the second page see the answers.

Writing Assignment #5

This writing exercise asks you to combine all of the skills that you have learned and practiced so far in this class (i.e. idea, organisation, sentence fluency, voice, conventions, word choice, presentation).

It also asks to to think about specific questions – who, what, when, why and how – and make sure they are answered in the story.

This is called the narrative challenge.

The main task is to take two pieces of different information and blend them together into one story. The second task is to include compound and complex sentences in your story.



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