English Advanced Conversation: Week 14

This is the last week of our advanced level university English conversation class. Let’s quickly review the class objectives contained in syllabus

The objectives were:

  1. students will expand their vocabulary by developing a working knowledge of at least 300 new words through reading and self study;
  2. students will improve fluency through regular pair work practice on a wide range of topics;
  3. students will improve their critical thinking skills by learning and using 12 logical fallacies;
  4. students will demonstrate their research and organizational skills by making a 5 to 10
    minute presentation that includes a critical analysis of one current issues topic.

What are the critical thinking skills?

  1. There are many ways to look at a topic or issue – 6 Thinking Hats
  2. Put complex issues and problems in an easy to understand sentence pattern – argument, claim and premise
  3. Analyzing and find deceptive arguments – fallacies and analogies


Here are the questions for the final exam, a speaking test. There are five questions. To do well in the exam, you will need to prepare. This is not an exam where you can prepare the night before because you need to talk about specific details. You need to know the material.

To earn a great exam score, you will need to know this information and speak clearly, intelligently and persuasively without hmms, ahhs or hesitations. In other words, you need to show that you can speak proficiently, accurately and persuasively.

1  Summarize your speech

Summarize your speech in 45-60 seconds. Include your main argument, the proof and important details.

2  Analogies

What is an analogy? Give two examples of analogies you have seen or read (e.g. TV advertisements, newspaper, book or online). Describe the analogy (the two things that are being compared). Do you think the analogy is weak or strong? Why? Was the analogy persuasive?

3  Hot Topic

You discuss any topic you want. There three rules: you must have an argument, you must look at the issue from many perspectives and you must support your own idea with reasons, evidence and details.

4  The Trouble With Fries by Malcolm Gladwell

In 45-60 seconds, summarize the article by describing the main argument. Be sure to include the writer’s proof and important details. Do you agree with the writer’s main argument? Why or why not?

5  Climate Change Analysis

In 60 seconds, summarize the climate change argument. Include key points and important details. Do you agree with the main argument? Explain why or why not.

  • Please note that for each questions I will be asking follow-up questions. So we will have a regular, intelligent conversation.














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