Sophomore ESL Writing, Week 11

Learn English Writing

Last week there were many holidays and missed classes because of the university festival. This week, the 11th of the semester, we will continue with our ESL writing exercises.

The three writing assignments we are working on (two old ones plus a new one this week) give students a chance to practice a simple but important framework to find and analyze arguments and warrants.

  1. Continue to write and edit #1: What is a good leader?
  2. Write and rewrite #2: An analysis of the argument in the TED Talk video. Summarize the argument and write your response (agree disagree, why)
  3. Improve writing style (and better edit your own work) by understanding how to paraphrase sentences.

New ESL Writing Activity

This writing activity helps students practice the art and skill of finding arguments.

  1. Listen to the short speech by Steve Jobs.
  2. Follow the instructions

Paraphrase Sentences

Editing your own writing is a hard skill. Most ESL students are not very at this. When I ask students to rewrite their work, they usually change the mistakes highlighted by the teacher (me) and keep everything else the same.

ESL students don’t seem to understand that rewriting means looking at all of the sentences one more time (ten more timers??) and trying top make all of them better.

Perhaps students don’t know how to play with their sentences. Perhaps they don’t know any techniques to twist and flop sentences in ways that improve clarity and style.

One potential solution to this problem is paragraphing. Paraphrasing is a writing skills that helps students keep the main idea in a sentence but express it in a different way.

There are  many ways to paraphrase. We will look at two paraphrase techniques this week:







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