Basic Writing: Week 3

Learn English Writing


Last week, we did this:

  • learned about noun modifiers to write better sentences that give lots of information with fewer words
  • wrote a creative story based on a picture prompt to improve idea focus, paragraphs, organisation and word choice
  • wrote a mini saga to improve paragraph, organisation, sentence fluency and idea focus
  • learned about a website to improve listening skills

This Week’s Activity Plan

It’s a short week because of the Korean Thanksgiving holiday (Wed, Thurs, and Fri).

The focus this week will be re-writing the first draft of the creative story and mini saga, more sentence development and conventions (i.e. articles), which are part of the six writing traits.

1  Feedback

I will give you some feedback on your stories. My feedback only covers some the items in your writing. You also have to re-dread your work and make it better. That is called editing.

2  Review Noun Modifiers

Last week, we looked at noun modifiers. That is using a noun plus a noun. This is a good skill to know because we can shorten a sentence and say the same idea.

Let’s do one more set of practice questions.

3  Articles

This writing exercise helps students learn a few rules about articles. This page has a summary description of some rules about articles. There are also printable worksheets. This class will do Work sheet 1.

More practice? Write a short story based on the picture prompt (scroll to Step 3). Or just go to the picture prompt of the river and boat puzzle.

4  More Punctuation

Here is a story about jeans. There is no punctuation. Read the text and add punctuation. Also think about where new paragraphs might be added.

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