TTP 2018 Vocabulary

Here are a few activities ideas to help you and your students to recycle high frequency words and learn and few new ones.


Week 1

Hour 1 Activities

Trick Questions with Yes-No Answers (15)

Step 1: review slides and examples


Step 2: students write negative questions

  • student work in pairs
  • write 5-9 negative questions

Step 3: jigsaw

  • jigsaw and ask questions to new partner and asking follow up questions to make sure the answers are correct
  • switch roles listen and answer


Crazy Numbers and Countable Nouns (20)

Step 1: Review basic number patterns on board helping students notice the importance of commas.

  • 10, 100, 1000
  • 10,000
  • 100,000
  • 1,000,000

Step 2: This pair work activity helps students practice speaking and hearing a variety of numbers and words/phrases. Get the pair work worksheets here.


Food and Cooking Worksheet (10)

This worksheet has games and puzzlers related to food and cooking.


Hour 2 Activities

Food Video (10)

This visually pleasing short video is a great visual prompt for different kinds of food words. Watch a couple of times and then ask the students (in pairs) to remember the words and make a list. Add counting words (a jar of milk) to add a layer of complexity.

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.


Groups of Words (15)

This simple word activity gets students thinking on many levels. There are many ways to run this activity. Here is one suggestions for intermediate students.

Print the vocabulary worksheet and cut it in half down the centre. Each student gets half a page with different words.

  • Student A reads a group of 3 words (one box).
  • Student B listens and has to say two answers: 1) the name of the group and 2) one more example.
  • Student A write the answers on his/her paper.
  • Change role, now Student B reads and Student A listens and answers.


Anagrams (10)

It is a word (or phrase) that can be made by moving around the letters in a different word (or phrase).

Click here for the ESL worksheet.


Adjective Maze (10)

The maze on this worksheet is filled with adjectives. Student move through the maze by matching two opposites. The aim is to find the pairs of opposites that make a line from START to  FINISH.


Week 2

Hour 3 Activities

Simple Directions (10)

Here is a short activity that asks students to describe directions with these basic phrases:

  • go straight
  • turn right at the first corner
  • turn right at the second corner
  • turn right at the third corner

Click here to open the maze.


Say As Many as You Can (15)

Make a team. Read a question from this ESL speaking activity worksheet. Check how many answers you can make in 60 seconds. Keep score.


Describe Things and Locations (20)

this pair work activity will challenge your ability to describe the location of things with precision. And also your ability to draw well.


New verbs (20)

Verbs are the best way to improve English skills. But sometimes its hard to learn to verbs. They are uncommon and hard to see. Here is a thinking and speaking activity with new verbs.

Look at the verbs at the top of the vocabulary worksheet. How can you sort them  into 3 groups?

  • 1  eye, foot, elbow, back, head
  • 2  duck, bug, horse, hog, chicken
  • 3  book, box, pocket, sandwich, paper

Now use each word as a verb. Work with a partner.


Everyday Things (15)

For high beginner and intermediate students, this can be a challenge. Simply name things that we see in everyday life.  Get the vocabulary worksheet here.


Hour 4 Activities

Easy Conversation Questions (15)

Pair work or small group activity. The key here is easy questions (meaningful input) that quickly lead to language production (meaningful output). Get the conversation questions here. Some of these questions challenge word understanding (e.g. disgusting) and also language understanding (e.g. synonyms).

Jeopardy Game (25)



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