Teach Writing Thinkingly

ESL writing lessonsTeach students writing and critical thinking?

Yes you can, if you have the right resources.

Bound to become your go-to resource pack, here are 20 lessons that help intermediate+ students learn to write and write to learn.


  • improve style and organisation with easy to learn tricks inspired by the 6+1 Writing Traits
  • create detail-rich passages with a simple strategy to identify information gaps
  • nurture the creative spirit with imaginative story ideas, multi media prompts and plenty of scaffolding


  • craft arguments with a simple sentence pattern
  • build the foundation of critical analysis by writing about inferences, analogies, correlations, causation and trend data
  • motivate students by tackling some of life’s big questions

Free Sample

Click HERE to open a pdf file with a 14-page sample.

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eBook Specs

  • Publication date: February 24, 2017
  • ISBN: 978-89-98531-05-8
  • 20 lessons and 122 pages in one pdf file
  • File size: about 7mb
  • Format: A4 (prints on 8.5 x 11 inch paper, too)
  • Content: lesson plans, student exhibits, instructor notes, answer keys, picture prompts and video links

About the Author

Originally from Canada, Rob Whyte is a long-time writer and English teacher based in South Korea.

He works at a university where his course load typically includes English composition and conversation classes. Occasionally, he teaches an eclectic mix of content courses like teaching methodology, cross cultural communication and political science.

In his free time, Rob runs a small ebook publishing house that develops classroom resources for ESL teachers and occasionally writes about Korean travel and food for Lonely Planet.