ESL Conversation Intermediate, Spring, Week 7

ESL Conversation Lessons

It’s week 7 for the second year English conversation class. Exam week.

Weekly Plan

  • review midterm exam questions (get the pdf for easy printing)
  • make schedule for exam times
  • return quiz paper and review answers
  • listening material from textbook

What did we do last week?

  • pair work describing videos
  • had a quiz
  • homework

Midterm Exam (20)

  • speaking test
  • check your ability to speak fluently and accurately
  • check your understanding of vocabulary
  • about 4-6 minutes per person
  • the longer speaking questions can be printed from this file

Question 1 (1 minute)

  • vocabulary comprehension
  • I say 2-3 words, you give me a fast definition
  • The word list is the same as the quiz: 60 words vocabulary list
  • The words in your question will be random

Question 2 (1-2 minutes)

  • speak fluently about the book you read
  • summarize the book you read
  • speak 30-40 seconds
  • I will ask follow up question

Question 3 (2 minutes)

  • speak fluently about a topic
  • you will get one topic
  • use long, full sentences with lots of details
  • expect follow up questions

Here are three different topics with suggested questions to help you make a wonderful answer. You will get one of these topics in the exam (random). Short answers with incomplete information, such as “I don’t know, I’m not sure” will result in a low grade.

1 Topic: an important person.

You should say:

  • Who the person is.
  • How long you have known him/her.
  • What qualities this person has.
  • Explain why they have had such an influence on you.

2 Topic: a lake, river or sea you have visited.

You should say:

  • What it is and its’ location.
  • How often you have visited that place.
  • What activities you do there.
  • Explain why you like this particular place.

3 Topic: a present you have given someone.

You should say:

  • Who you gave it to.
  • What kind of present it was.
  • How it compared to other presents you have given.
  • Explain why you decided to give this particular gift.

Question 4 (2 minutes)

Answer one these questions (random) from the textbook. Make an interesting answer with long sentences and lots of details. Expect a few follow up questions.

  1. What’s your favorite way to spend an evening?
  2. What do you want to do for a living?
  3. What have you been doing for fun lately?
  4. What are you thinking about doing this summer?
  5. What kind of styles are in fashion right now?


ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1 – 2

Attendance and review last week. (5)

Pair work activity (15)

Read a statement. Ask partner, “Do you agree or disagree?” Each answer should be explained with reasons and details. Ask follow up questions.

Return Quiz (10)

Return Book report (10)

  • comment and scores
  • need for midterm exam

Exam Speaking Schedule (5)

  • sign up sheet

Page 22, World Culture (10)

  • reading and listening
  • listening again
  • check answers with partner

Touchstone online listening files

Review Exam Questions (10)

Practice for Quiz – Part A (30)

  • pair work speaking questions long answers

Hour 3

Attendance and review last week. (5)

Practice for Quiz – Part B (15)

Midterm Exam (5)

  • check student test times
  • confirm classroom

Page 26 C – to be honest (10)

  • read and listen 2 times
  • check answers with partner

Page 27 B 2 Of course (10)

  • read
  • choose answer in questions

Page 27 B 3 Of course Listening (10)

  • listen 2 times
  • check answers in questions

Finish Worksheet (10)

  Homework for next class (5 )

  • study for exam

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