25 Wordy Expressions

Some of my ESL students litter. Their writing. They throw wordy phrases into their sentences like used potato chip bags on the ground. The result? Dirty sentences.

Like litter on the street, there is just too much messy stuff. Students use three words when one word is good enough. I wonder why? Do students think more words are better? I hope the answer is no.

Here is my idea. Good writing is clean. It uses only the words you need to express an idea. No extra packaging. Great writing does not need fancy words. Great writing is a clear idea that is easy to understand. Want to stop littering your sentences? Read on.

Wordy Expressions

Maybe you use expressions like the ones taught in TEFL or TOEIC textbooks. Those word lists are great for passing a test, but they are not always useful for academic essays or business writing.

Here is list of 25 common expressions that will help you write shorter and better sentences. There are expressions and phrases plus the simple terms. The simple terms tell us the same idea but they are easier to write and remember. And, you are less likely to make a mistake with simple expressions.

25 Simple Expressions

Wordy Expression

Simple Expression
1 a large number of many
2 during the time that while
3 due to the fact that because
4 because of the fact that because
5 in the event that if
6 in order to to
7 blue in colour blue
8 until such time as until
9 has the ability can
10 in spite of the fact that although
11 an estimated about
12 in the near future soon
13 at the present time now
14 if this is not the case if not
15 it would appear that apparently
16 has the opportunity to can
17 at this point in time at this point
18 a majority of most
19 hold a meeting meet
20 in most cases usually
21 in many cases often
22 in some cases sometimes
23 with regard to regarding
24 place an order order
25 it is probable that probably

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