Teach English Writing with New Verbs

English Writing Activities to Explore Words

Verbs are an important part of writing with style. They add variety and can be very descriptive. Sometimes, students rely on a small set of verbs. That can make student writing a little dull.

This ESL writing activity helps students expand their awareness of word choice. It introduces writers to a brave new world of verbs, even though they may be familiar with the words as nouns.

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Teach English Vocabulary

ESL Vocabulary Games

Teaching English vocabulary does not have to be a chore. Sometimes, a few short fun games can enliven the class mood and transform the learning process into an enjoyable experience.

That’s the aim of these two vocabulary games. None are meant to be full classroom lessons. They are 10 minute language learning activities that offer a change of pace or provide a language focused activity when you need to fill a 10 minute gap.

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Quick Vocabulary Games


Managing the classroom pace is a skill that good teachers have mastered. Pace is not just about finishing the lesson on time; it’s about managing the flow of information and activities to maximize student interest over the long run.

I’ve learned over the years that student interest can be sustained when lessons are broken up. There is a change in pace. Often, short vocabulary games provide just the right amount of separation and intellectual fresh air. To that end, here are three quick vocabulary activities which provide a measure of good effect in terms of student learning and enthusiasm.

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