4 Ideas to Inspire Your Writing

When your feeling is bad and you don’t want to study, what do you do?

Here’s my trick. Before I walk into the classroom, I whistle.  Whistling changes my feeling. I don’t know why but whistling makes me feel good. When I feel good, I become a better teacher.

When writing becomes difficult for you, what do you do?

I’d like to suggest you try some brain games. Puzzles are a good way to take a break and learn something that will help your writing. That way, you won’t give up. Instead, you’ll keep practicing, keep rewriting and keep learning. This is the way to become a better writer.

1. Solve word puzzles

Word puzzles are brain candy. They increase your vocabulary power. They also help you remember old words, the ones you used to know but don’t use everyday.

Below you can see 9 letters.  How many words can make from the letters in this box?

s g t
p h t
a e i

There are three rules:

  • Letters don’t have to touch each other.
  • Use each letter once per word.
  • Each word you make must have the letter ‘T’.

Download the answers for this – and all the idea games in this post – here. If you can find 10 words, that is good.  15 words, very good.  More than 20 words, great.  On my answer sheet, there are 66 words.

2. Be Creative

To solve this puzzle, you will need to think creatively. Below are five words. Can you name at least four common things?  Here’s one answer: they are all colors.

red     gray     brown     black     pink

3. Find the Pattern

Here are three groups of numbers.  Each group has three numbers.  Each group has one pattern of change. The pattern is the same for each group.  What is that pattern?

  • 7, 14, 21
  • 9, 18, 27
  • 10, 20, 293

4. Think Step-by-Step

The answer to this puzzle has four parts. Three parts are sentences that use a “If ……, then …….” sentence pattern.

There is a room upstairs.  It has one light and no windows. Downstairs, in a different room, there are three switches – A, B and C. One switch is connected to the light in the upstairs room.

How can you know which switch is connected to the light? You can enter the upstairs room just one time. There are no windows upstairs and it is impossible to see inside the room unless you enter through the door.  Turn on/off the switches as much as you like.


Download the worksheet here to find the answers to these logic and creative puzzles. Try the puzzles. Get inspired. Then start writing again.

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