Basic Writing: Week 14

English Writing Practice


Last week:

  • had a quiz
  • completed Before and After writing assignment

This Week:

  • class review
  • look at the ESL writing syllabus
  • review quiz
  • return all papers
  • look at final exam questions

Quiz Review

Here are sample answers for Quiz #2.

Part 1. Summarize wind energy story.

Many people think wind is a good source of energy because it is does not harm the environment and is low cost. However, these aspects of wind energy are not really true.

Wind energy does not pollute the air or land like oil, but there are environmental effects. Wind turbines make a lot of noise. People who live near wind farms, a place with lots of turbines, say the noise is very loud. Plus, the blades of the turbines kills lots of birds.

A second problem is the cost. One turbine costs about 4 million USD. That might not be so bad if it made lots of electricity. However, wind energy is not reliable. When there is no wind, there is no electricity. That means we have to pay for other energy systems to produce electricity when the wind is low.

Part 2. Paraphrase

  1. When measured on a per person basis, our country’s economy grew by 3%.
  2. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, was born in America.
  3. While waiting at the bus stop, I watched a video on my Smartphone.


What have we done since the mid term?

  1. write summaries (main idea and key points without unnecessary details)
  2. correlation and causation
  3. paraphrase writing
  4. text editing
  • Twitter story (it’s 140 characters because of history and style)
  • Shipping container story (made globalization possible by making shipping faster and cheaper)
  • Popcorn at the movies (it’s expensive because ticket money is not enough to run a movie theater business)
  • Howl video summary
  • Coke video (used compare and contrast to show that many things in life change but the always enjoy coke)
  • summarize and explain Korea’s food consumption patterns (cause and effect relationship with GDP)
  • Can money buy happiness? (is happiness correlated or caused by GDP or some other reason)
  • short writing exercises about correlation and causation (e.g. lucky green sweater)

Before the mid term exam?

Build skills around the 6+1 writing traits.

  1. idea
  2. voice
  3. word choice
  4. sentence fluency
  5. organisation
  6. conventions
  7. presentation

Writing Exercises

  • Creative story
  • Mini saga
  • Boat and Goat
  • UFO story
  • Narrative Challenge

Learned specific aspects of writing

  • interesting first sentence
  • noun modifiers
  • complex sentences
  • compound sentences
  • articles
  • punctuation

Final Exam

Part 1. Edit a paragraph.

Why? Show your understanding of sentences, paragraphs and basic grammar. The question will be similar to these editing practice questions.

Part 2. Rewrite an old story.

Why? Show me your ability to write a wonderful text.

Because you have written and edited this passage a few times, the grade will be based on your ability to combine several writing elements with excellence. These elements are the 6+1 writing traits plus a great first sentence and good style created by a variety of sentence patterns and verbs.

Here are two options. I will choose one for the exam:

Part 3. Summarize a story.

Why? Show me you can analyze a story by combining writing and thinking skills. These include finding and describing the main idea and explaining your idea with reasons.

For this question, you will summarize and analyze the story in one video.

There are two video choices. You choose one and write about it during the exam. Watch the video clips outside the class (e.g. at home). We will not watch a video during the exam.

What do I expect in your answer?

  • Great organization and a well written text (e.g. the 6+1 writing traits) that is about 2-3 paragraphs .
  • Describe the message of the story.
  • Summarize the main parts of the story as they are connected to the main idea (e.g. plot, character, setting).
  • Don’t include unnecessary details.
  • Evaluation. Do you agree with the message. Why or why not?

Choice 1. Momentos

MOMENTOS from Nuno Rocha on Vimeo.

Choice 2. Reach

Reach from Luke Randall on Vimeo.


Good luck.




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