Sophomore English Writing: Week 14

Online English Writing Lessons


Last week:

  • had a quiz
  • completed Before and After writing assignment

This Week

  • review
  • a quick look at the writing syllabus
  • return quiz
  • return all writing
  • review final exam questions

What have we done since the mid term?

  1. create arguments (claim and premise)
  2. analyze arguments
  3. see metaphors and similes as argument
  • Syria video (describe how an argument is created with visual images and compare-contrast method)
  • advertisement for dog adoption (find and define key concepts in argument)
  • Alan Watts video (compare and contrast metaphors; life is musical not a journey)
  • poem analysis (the powerful play goes on; analysis of metaphors and self-reflection)
  • critical thinking: evaluation of arguments with numbers (hybrid car video)
  • analysis of choice (analyze decisions based on principles)
  • analysis of moral argument (Empty Pot story –  should we be honest in order to get a benefit?)
  • paragraph editing (comprehensive text analysis)

Before the mid term exam?

Build skills around the 6+1 writing traits.

  1. idea
  2. voice
  3. word choice
  4. sentence fluency
  5. organisation
  6. conventions
  7. presentation

Writing Exercises

  • Creative story
  • Mini saga
  • Boat and Goat
  • UFO story
  • Narrative Challenge

Smaller activities

  • fluency activities, articles exercises, add punctuation

Learned and practiced specific aspects of writing

  • good first sentence
  • noun modifiers
  • complex and compound sentences
  • style and variety with new verbs
  • include details with 2 logic puzzles

Final Exam

Part 1. Edit a paragraph.

The purpose of this question is to show your understanding of sentences, paragraphs and basic grammar. The question will be similar to these editing practice questions.

Part 2. Rewrite an old story.

Show me your ability to write a magnificent text. That’s the purpose of this question.

Because you have written and edited this passage a few times, the grade will be based on your ability to combine several writing elements at once with excellence. These elements are the 6+1 writing traits plus a great first sentence and good style created by a variety of different sentence patterns and verbs.

Here are two previous stories. You choose one for the exam:

  • Alan Watts video (compare and contrast metaphors; life is musical not a journey)
  • analysis of moral argument in the story The Empty Pot (should we be honest in order to get a benefit?)

Part 3. Buy or rent?

This question asks you to combine writing and critical thinking skills. These include making an argument and explaining your idea with reasons and numbers.

Your task is to answer this question: Is it better to buy an apartment or rent?

Click the link to get details about the critical thinking exercise.





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