Business English Negotiation: Lesson 4

Welcome back to the Business English Negotiation Class. Can you the remember the key points from the previous negotiation lesson?

Hour 1

Review (10)


  • Is there one standard for FAIRNESS? Explain.
  • How can FAIRNESS can be used to your advantage in a negotiation?
  • How can you block FAIRNESS when someone uses it against you?
  • What did you learn in the last role play negotiation exercise (toaster)? 

Key Term Mini Lecture (10)

  • Positions versus interests.

Reading Exercise – Analyze and Solve (10)

You are going to read a short story that involves a problem and a solution. The problem is in the story, but the solution is not.

Here is what I want you to do while working with a partner

  • Read the story.
  • Summarize the key points of the story in negotiation terms.
  • Answer the questions at the end of the story. 

Hour 2

Negotiation Activity #2 (50)

The Texas Oil Role Play Game. 

Debrief Questions

Reflective Writing (15)

  • make notes about key vocabulary you learned
  • comment on the experience


Extra Resources

Here is a blog post by Deepak Malhotra about how to manage concessions during a negotiation.

Another good blog post about making concessions. 10 Powerful Concession Strategies Of Successful/Effective.

Here is a blog post which deal in more detail about positions and interests.

Another short summary with examples about negotiating  positions and interests.




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