Business Speaking Class: Lesson 2

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Business English Speaking

Here is the plan for today’s 3 hour class.

BE verb worksheet to look at online.


Hour 1 BE verb

You have to know how to use the BE verb. Very important.

Simple present tense BE verb (5)

  • I am, He is, She is, it is, You are , they are, We are

Make a sentence with each of these. For example

  • I am a buyer.
  • He is tall.
  • She is kind.
  • It is a large company.
  • You are beside me.
  • We are busy.
  • They are at school.

Pair Work (15)

  • Each student makes a sentence with 6 phrases.
  • Check some student sentences.

BE Verb Worksheets (25)

  • Do BE Verb worksheet from ESL library pair work
  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2
  • Jigsaw and check answers. Read, listen and check.

Short conversations (10)

  • work with a partner
  • look at the pictures
  • ask partner questions
  • partner answers
  • switch


Hour 2

Review of Negative Sentence (5)

Negative sentences with BE verbs use NOT

  • isn’t
  • aren’t
  • am not

For example:

  • He isn’t watching TV.
  • They aren’t here.
  • I’m not tired.

Speaking Practice (15)

Worksheet 5

  • ask partner question
  • partner says answer (yes or no)
  • repeat
  • check with class

Making WH Question with BE Verbs (5)

  • WH questions
  • who, what, where, when, why


  • Who is your teacher?
  • What are they doing?
  • Where is your car?
  • When is she coming to class?
  • Why are they sleeping?

Pair Work (15)

  • worksheet 6
  • read the answers
  • make questions
  • check answer with new partner (ask and answer)


Hour 3

A-B Dialogue (20)

  • practice reading a dialogue with partner
  • then make a new dialogue (fill in some blanks)
  • line up
  • ask and answer with partner (2 minutes reading)
  • next partner (1.5 minutes reading)
  • next partner (1.5 minutes no reading, paper on chest)


Speed game (20)

Run and Read (20)

  • put the reading text on the wall
  • walk to the text
  • read a sentence
  • come back
  • say the sentence
  • partner writes the sentences
  • winner has fewest mistakes


Extra Materials

Odd One Out vocabulary worksheets.

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