ESL Conversation Freshmen 2017 Week 2

Welcome to the English class. It’s time to learn English speaking skills.

What did we did last week?

  1. class intro and syllabus
  2. completed a class speaking activity with the 5 x 5 exercise
  3. finished a sound and sort exercise to focus attention on word sounds
  4. pair work speaking activity – odd one out – learn new words and learn ways to think about words
  5. talked about the book report project
  6. reviewed a few words to start chapter 7 in the textbook
  7. reviewed a few different kinds of clauses (relative clause, dependent clause and independent clause)


This Week

  1. start and finish chapter 7 in the textbook
  2. pair work Q&A with 30 important verbs (need to be fluent with these verbs)
  3. word hunt worksheet (quick vocabulary recall)
  4. The Alphabet word puzzle worksheet
  5. Get homework assignment for next week (2 hour class)


Homework for Next Week (2 hour class)

I want you to prepare for a classroom exercise.

First, I will give you a number. You are A, B, C or D.

Second, your homework is to read and listen to one story. You have to understand your story very well.

  • Make a summary of your story.
  • Get the most important information.
  • Think about its message.

Third, come to class next week. Be prepared. You will work with 2-3 partners.

Tell your partner the story (don’t read it). Summarize it well.

Then ask your partner two questions:

  1. Please tell me what happened in the story (retelling).
  2. Please tell me the meaning of the story; what is its message (analyze).

Fourth, have a discussion about the story with your partners. What do you think the story teaches us?


ESL Speaking Hour 1

Intro (10)

  • attendance
  • homework and plan for the week
  • next week homework

30 verbs pair work (30)

  • improve speaking and listening fluency
  • look at 30 verbs worksheet
  • make past tense questions and answers

New verbs (20)

Verbs are the best way to improve your English skills. But sometimes its hard to learn to verbs. They are uncommon and hard to see.

Here is a thinking and speaking activity.

Look at the verbs at the top of the vocabulary worksheet. How can you sort them  into 3 groups?

  • 1  eye, foot, elbow, back, head
  • 2  duck, bug, horse, hog, chicken
  • 3  book, box, pocket, sandwich, paper

Now use each word as a verb. Work with a partner.

ESL Speaking Hour 2

Unit 7 (45)

Vocabulary (10)

  • circle of friends
  • phrasal verb
  • a hedge (to hedge)
  • go through a lot together
  • convenient
  • college (US vs Canada meaning)
  • hot right now
  • I met him through a friend
  • clean freak

Page 66 (10)

  • read first
  • listen alone – page 66 Lesson A
  • answer questions in C

Review clauses

What is a relative clause? A quick review. (10)

page 67 #2a (10)

  • quick review of grammar
  • make sentences with relative clauses

page 67 #3 (10)

  • pair work discussion
  • make long answers with relative clauses
  • for example:
  • I have some friends that I occasionally contact.

  • I have a couple of friends that live exciting lives.

ESL Speaking Hour 3

listening page 68 (15)

  • then read
  • then put the story in order
  • part b verbs

verbs 69 (15)

  • phrasal verbs
  • read pink box
  • answer questions in A


Vocabulary review in pictures (10)


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