Learn English Conversation, Intermediate: Week 2

This is week two of the English conversation class. Here are some worksheets and activities to help the students learn English conversation by improving their vocabulary as well as reading and speaking fluency.

  1. Pair work exercise to build vocabulary, accuracy and fluency (Rob’s handout in class)
  2. Here is a quick worksheet with word puzzles.
  3. Textbook Chapter 1 Parts A and B (we will do parts C and D next week)
  4. Another pair work activity that focuses on accuracy with collocations when describing people’s actions. (Rob’s handout)

Please note, you can practice listening to the sound files for the textbook on your own. The sound files are here.


Learn English Conversation: Week 1

Learn English conversation.


Here is the plan for this week’s English conversation.

  1. Let’s begin by looking at the conversation class syllabus.
  2. Look at the textbook.
  3. Simple past tense review exercises.
  4. Which one is different speaking and thinking exercise.
  5. Imagination speaking exercise.


Here is an ESL speaking activity that requires you to speak and think.

  1. Each partner gets one worksheet.
  2. Read four words on one line.
  3. Your partner has to listen and then explain why one word is different.
  4. Listen. is that answer logical?
  5. Do you have a different answer?


This ESL speaking activity and worksheet  requires you to use your imagination. Your brain power. And sentences that start with “It looks like …. ”

  1. Work with a partner.
  2. Look at a picture.
  3. Ask your partner, “What does that look like?
  4. Partner answers (for example) “It looks like an eye. here is the white part of an eye and here is the black part.”
  5. Ask your partner to explain more.
  6. Then say your idea.


This is a pair work jigsaw speaking activity that asks you to make a story, tell the story, make it better and tell it again.

  1. With a partner, look at the picture with a man and a boat.
  2. Put the pictures in order and make a story. Use one or two sentences per picture. Write the sentence down in your notebook.
  3. Change partners. Tell your story. Your new partner will listen. Then your partner will speak to you.
  4. Your job is to listen to your new partner’s story and copy words or phrases that make your story better. Rewrite your story.
  5. Come back to your original partner. Tell him/her your new story. Try to say it faster than the first time.



ESL Conversation Review Activities

This is week 14 of the semester. The final exam is just around the corner so it’s time for my ESL students to learn English and get ready for the test.

ESL Conversation Exam

Here are the final exam questions. Each student will get one question from each part.

This will be a conversation exam, so expect follow up questions. The key point is to show your communication skills. The score will reflect your ability to express ideas that people can understand because your pronunciation is clear, your vocabulary is accurate and your logic is persuasive.

Part 1 Summarize and Conversation

Talk for 45 seconds and tell me the important parts about:

  1. a book
  2. a movie
  3. a tv show
  4. a news story
  5. your future

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ESL Intermediate Conversation – Week 13

It’s the the last week of original content for the semester and last chance for the ESL students to learn new English words, phrases, ideas and things in this class.

ESL Conversation Activity #1

Before I go I’d like to…

  1. visit …
  2. thank …
  3. meet …
  4. eat …
  5. tell …
  6. give …
  7. see …
  8. witness …
  9. know …
  10. make sure …
  11. other …

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