ESL Intermediate Conversation – Week 5

The quiz is coming next week and there is a mid term exam in three weeks. Let’s begin the review process by summarizing the main things we have studied so far.

Material Review for the Quiz

  1. Vocabulary – chunks of words and phrases from this video.
  2. Compound words from this vocabulary worksheet.
  3. Prepositions from this worksheet. *
  4. Three kinds of simple question patterns from this worksheet.

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ESL Intermediate Conversation – Week 4

Here are some activities, lessons and worksheets the students need to hep them learn English this week.

Reading Puzzle

This ESL problem solving worksheet has a thinking puzzle. Read the question. Work with a partner to understand the problems and answer the questions.

This video helps ESL students review and improve their vocabulary skills. It uses the idea of symmetry.  That is, two things that seem to go together very well.

Quick review. Let’s check the answers for this worksheet.

This vocabulary worksheet helps students remember and practice phrasal verbs.

ESL Intermediate Conversation – Week 3

This is week three of the conversation class. Here are some worksheets and activities for this week.


  1. A worksheet to improve vocabulary with compounds words. (no need to print this worksheet)
  2. Quick questions to practice specific sentence patterns.
  3. A simple worksheet with prepositions. Match the adjective and preposition. Move through the maze. then use each pair to make a question for your partner. (no need to print)
  4. 4 Quick pair work exercise to practice final sounds.